Tips For Learners


Try to schedule some time every day to learn new facts and review what is due. This ensures that reviews do not pile up and that you get regular exposure to what you’re studying.

Using Enjoyable Content

Learning a language takes a lot of time and if it becomes boring you are much more likely to give up. This is why it is so important to find or create content that is enjoyable or informative this will help to increase your motivation.


If you have a few spare minutes and you have done all your reviews, place the program on overstudy mode and go through your cards. You can adjust the overstudy mode to focus in on specific cards.

Adjust priority schedules

You do not want to spend too much time reviewing information that you are already very familiar with and, conversely, you want to ensure that you spend enough time on those things you are less familiar with. You should experiment with adjusting your priority schedules and find out what suits you best.

Adjust learning mode settings to suit your needs

Our capacity for taking in information is not the same, so you should adjust the learning options in the deck settings to suit your needs. You may need to experiment with this a little to find the right settings.

Create your own decks

Create your own decks from materials you are studying. You can use books, movies, word lists, phrase books as the basis of your deck.

Use multiple decks

When learning a language you shoud try to experience the language from as many angles as possible. Each publisher will have his own unique style of teaching so you will likely find that you progress faster if you study multiple decks at the same time.

Review Facts with Lower Priority in Overstudy Mode.

When you have finished your reviews you may find it handy to do a quick overstudy of you facts with a lower priority number. Simply change the over study display order to “Priority Number – Lowest First”.