Overview For Teachers

HighSpeedLanguage is a groundbreaking language-learning system that arms teachers with tremendously powerful tools that make both teaching and learning a language enjoyable, efficient, and effective.

Publishers are able to sell their content on the HighSpeedLanguage marketplace. There is no fee to list content for sale. When a deck is sold, the publisher will be paid the sale price minus a commission that goes toward the upkeep and improvement of HighSpeedLanguage.

We feel it is very important to protect publishers from the threat of piracy, so the HighSpeedLanguage program ensures that content can only be used by the purchaser.

The program contains many features that provide an unparalleled learning experience such as:

  • Totally customizable spaced reviewing.
  • Over 30 pre-specified exercise types.
  • The ability to create new exercise types.
  • The ability to fully customize the learning experience.
  • No input-spaced repetition. Other programs require learners to rate how well they remember an item every time they review it. This can be quite a burden and, from our experience, students often cannot accurately determine when they will forget an item.
  • Read about the other features in detail here

To learn more about the program, you can download it here and test it out for yourself.