When the using HighSpeedLanguage you should position your hands on the keyboard as if you were touch typing because the positions of the controls on the screen correlate to the position of the keys on the keyboard. You will see that the text for two controls are highlighted these controls correlate to the f and k keys on your keyboard. These are the keys that you position your index finger when your hands are in the touch typing position.


1 – 9 : Assigned to selectable controls. To select the control press the associated number.

` : Used as backspace in order the vocabulary controls

Backspace :  Removes the last item in the order vocab controls.

Left Hand

Q : Pause
W: Replay
E: Replay Slower
R: Decrease Play Speed
T : Increase Play Speed

A: Show answer
S: Increase Priority Number
D: Decrease Priority Number
F: Decrease Question Delay
G: Increase Question Delay

Left Shift: Skip back in current audio
Z: Next
X: Finish Fact
C: Suspend Fact - ALT + C (Or holding ALT while clicking the Suspend button) to suspend all facts for the current concept.
V: Decrease Answer Delay
B: Increase Answer Delay

Right Hand

Y: Switch To Learning Mode
U: Switch To Review Mode
I: Switch To Overstudy Mode

H: Record Voice
J: Play recorded
K: Edit Current Card
L: Delete Current Card
;: Skip Forward in The current Audio

N: Fact Stats
M: Filter Fact
,: Overstudy Settings


Space: Continue / Show Answer / Next

F1: Open or Close Notes
F2: Add Note
F3: Scroll Down Notes
F4: Scroll Up Notes

F5: Play the first text-to-speech audio in the question panel
F6: Play the first text-to-speech audio in the answer panel

F7: Show/Hide Deck/Fact Stats

F9: Scroll Up Fact Public Comments
F12: Open or Close Public Comments

F10: Scroll Down Fact Public Comments
F11: Add Fact Public Comment

-: Decrease Volume
+: Increase Volume
Left Shift: Mute

Page Up: Skip Forward

Page Down: Skip Back

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