Creating Your Own Decks

You can create a new deck from the “Load Deck” window. Once you have created a new deck there are 2 ways to populate it. The first is though the fact designer which is opened by clicking “Deck” > “Create Facts” > “Fact Designer”. The fact designer is a good way to get familiar with how to create facts, and of all the different types of facts that you can create. If you are creating hundreds of facts you will want to use the “Import Facts” option under “Create Facts”. By using this tool you can simply create facts in a spreadsheet and import them into the program.

On the right hand side you will see that you can add individual controls to the fact by clicking the buttons under “Individual Controls”. When you are starting out you will more likely use the buttons under templates. These will simply prompt you to fill out the appropriate information required to create the fact. You can then modify the card if needed, once finished click “Save And Create Another Card”.

Importing Facts

If you are creating a large number of facts you will want to use the import function as it will save you a huge amount of time. To do this, first create a spreadsheet.  The first column of the row will need to be a text field which includes the fact/question type which is usually the same as the Template Name.  The remaining columns include data that may be included in the fact such as text, picture or media file names. You will then copy the spreadsheet data and paste it into the text box provided under “Merge TSV”(tab separated vales). You then click “Merge TSV with Templates” this will merge your data with the templates and create an output file. Click “Import Merged Content” to create the facts.

You can modify and create your own templates.

You will need to copy your pictures and media into the resource folder before you merge the data. There is a link to this folder is located under “Step 1” in the import facts screen. The resource folder simply contains all the pictures, audio and video used in the deck.

You can find more details about this in the other sections of the help file.

Below is an example of some facts in a spreadsheet.

Fact/Question Types

To modify or create new fact types click “Deck” > “Create Facts” > “Edit Fact Types”.

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