Rapid Thai Vocabulary Course
Facts: 2602 Audios: 3309 Images: 2243 Videos: 0 Size: 399.41mb
Written in: English
Teaches: Thai

  1. 100% money back guarantee.

  2. Massive program. Over 2,600 exercises. By the time you are finished you will be able to use over 2,500 words.

  3. The program comes with a course..
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100 Common French Nouns - Select the Pic
Facts: 100 Audios: 100 Images: 106 Videos: 0 Size: 10.52mb
Written in: English
Teaches: French
You will hear and read a French word then you must select the correct picture. In the notes you will find the English translation.
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14 French stories and 311 French news articles
Facts: 4530 Audios: 4530 Images: 0 Videos: 0 Size: 609.30mb
Written in: English
Teaches: French
Learn over 17,000 words in 4,350 facts. Each fact is paired with an audio recorded by a native Thai speaker and a English translation.

The deck contains such a wide range of vocabulary that by th..
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14 French stories and 311 French news articles - Sample
Facts: 20 Audios: 20 Images: 0 Videos: 0 Size: 6.57mb
Written in: English
Teaches: French
A sample of the " 14 French stories and 311 French news articles" deck.
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50 English Words You Should Know But Probably Do Not
Facts: 147 Audios: 130 Images: 2 Videos: 0 Size: 13.06mb
Written in: English
Teaches: English
This deck will teach you 50 useful words that the average English speaker may be unfamiliar with. If you do know any of the words in the deck simply suspend the associated cards. You will find this ..
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9000 spanish sentences difficulty sorted with native audio
Facts: 9263 Audios: 9263 Images: 0 Videos: 0 Size: 122.13mb
Written in: English
Teaches: Spanish
9000+ sentences with Audio from a Native Central Spain speaker.
English has been put on the front of the card so the aim here is simple to read the English then read the Spanish recognising all the..
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german b1 wortliste dtz goethe 2600 plus sentences
Facts: 2632 Audios: 6818 Images: 0 Videos: 0 Size: 175.59mb
Written in: English
Teaches: German
This deck uses synthesized audio and google translations for the English so it the translations should be just a rough guide.

In total there are about 4000 sentences. Because there are often extr..
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HighSpeedThai Content - Vocab Definition Sentences All Exercises
Facts: 15101 Audios: 7613 Images: 0 Videos: 0 Size: 235.51mb
Written in: English
Teaches: Thai
This deck is to be used only by those who have purchased HighSpeedThai. It includes multiple exercise types which help you practice comprehending, using and typing most of the sentences used in the ..
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Japanese Core Step One 400 Exercises 200 Sentenes
Facts: 400 Audios: 399 Images: 199 Videos: 0 Size: 22.14mb
Written in: English
Teaches: Japanese
This file includes Japanese vocab and Example sentences along with Images and Audio.

The default review schedule for this deck is 4 reviews in 40 days. Of course you can customise this.
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Learn Indonesian 5000 Plus indonesian sentences some with synthesized Audio And Some Pictures
Facts: 5888 Audios: 5803 Images: 3821 Videos: 0 Size: 439.11mb
Written in: English
Teaches: Indonesian
This deck is not perfect but still will be very helpful if you are starting out learning Indonesian.
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