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Below we explain just how we can ensure that you will learn quickly when using HighSpeedLanguage

HighSpeedLanguage is a free software program that allows language teachers and students to create and distribute highly efficient language lessons with ease.

These lessons can then be published and sold on this website or given away for free. This program makes use of spaced repetition testing. That means reviews of what you learn are scheduled over a period usually with increasing intervals between them. This ensures that do not get a chance to forget what you learn. As everybody’s abilities vary the program is fully customizable, giving students the ability to decide how many times and over what period of time information is reviewed. Some may be able to cement new information into their long term memory with 10 reviews spaced over six months, while others may prefer 15 reviews over a one year period.

Lessons can be highly interactive and rich. Learning with HighSpeedLanguage can be a very immersive experience where you will be encouraged to think, comprehend, type and speak in the language you are studying. There are over 30 pre-specified exercise types and you can design your own. Lessons can include pictures, video, audio and of course text.

You are free to study as much or as little as you want. If you only have five minutes for reviewing or to learn a few new words that is no problem.

If you have a question about a sentence or word presented, you can simply post your question from right inside the program, other users and the content publisher will be able to see and respond to your question. Looking up unknown words is also simple, just select the word and chose which dictionary you would like to use.

There is both free and paid content available. All paid content comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

HighSpeedLanguage can also help you easily learn vocabulary taken from novels, movies, phrasebooks, word lists or classroom textbooks.

For more information about the program, see the Program Features.

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