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Created:24 Dec 21
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Real Language

The real Indonesian course is compiled from a wide range of real world materials. These materials include movie subtitles, news articles, lectures, speeches and religious texts. All the sentences used in the course are sentences used in the real world.

Learn the most important words first

We analyse tens of millions of sentences from a wide variety of source materials and calculate how often each word is used. We then use this word frequency list to create exercises which teach you starting from the most common word to the least common. This ensures you will make rapid progress when studying. You will not waste time learning words which are not immediately useful.

Inbuilt reviews

Our review exercises have you read sentences containing words that you have already learnt. But they are presented in new contexts. So to review all you need to do is read the review sentences. By doing this you will review every word you learn at least 4 times. The reviews are spaced out with increasing time between them to help you lock them into you long term memory. You will also review everything you learn in the fluency building exercises. On top of this you can have the exercises repeat when and how often you like.

Fluency building sentences

Each exercise provides you with ten random sentences. These sentences consist of words you have already learnt. This gives you practice using what you have learnt and gives you a large amount of exposure to the commonly used language and vocabulary. This ensures that you can easily comprehend the language and develop the ability to use the language naturally without having to consciously think about it.

Learn from dialogues

It is important to learn from longer dialogues to understand how the language flows in conversation. Our fluency building exercises will give you dialogues which are up to 8 sentences long. The dialogues could be part of a movie, speech, lecture or even the bible.

Learn one word at a time

Each exercise introduces you to a single new word. This makes the process of learning simple and you will at no point feel overwhelmed. The only exception to this is with the first 10 exercises. Some of the first 10 will contain more than one word. This is needed to be able to provide meaningful multiple word sentences.

Definitions are included

We provide a definition for each new word you learn. This means you will never have to look up words in a dictionary.

Multiple example sentences for each word

We provide you 5 usage examples for each new word introduced. This helps you develop a deep understanding of the new words you learn. You will later see many more examples of usage in the review and fluency building sentences. Comprehending vocabulary in multiple contexts helps them sink deep into you long term memory with almost no effort.

Over 12,000 words taught

With a vocabulary of this size you will understand almost all words used in most situations. After finishing the course you can can simply converse with others, read news, books or watch movies to pick up new less commonly used vocabulary.

Over 150,000 sentences included

As each exercise can include 18 sentences and there are 12,000 exercises you will read over 150,000 mostly unique sentences by the time you finish the course. This will give you a very in depth understanding of the language.

Never see unfamiliar words

As we teach you the language one word at a time you will never encounter a word that you have not already learnt.


If you do not enjoy the course for any reason simply let us know within 30 days. We will cancel your account and refund your money. You can buy with confidence as you will pay though PayPal or Stripe which is a very popular payment processor. These payment processors will always stand up for the customer and return customers money if a vendor's product does not meet it claims.


As the course is created based on real content and translations. A small percentage of the translations may be incomplete or wrong. As you will already know all the Indonesian words in the sentence in most cases you will not have to refer to translations. So even if there is a wrong translation it should not affect you. You can also translate sentences from within the software using online translation services if you want to see a second translation.

The audio for the course is computer generated but the pronunciation is very good. You should also listen to music, tv, news etc to get practice listening to different voices and accents.

Intro video on how to use the course :

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