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Created:29 Sep 21
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Real language

The course is based on subtitles, speeches, education videos and religious texts. This ensure you are exposed to real language from an extremely diverse range of contexts. This broad range of vocabulary will enable you to communicate about a huge number of subjects.

Learn the most important words first.

The course has been generated by analysing millions of sentences taken from a diverse range of sources. We create a word frequency list by counting how many times each word is used. The course is then based on this vocabulary frequency list. This ensure you learn the most important vocabulary first. Learning the most frequently used firsts allows you to start using the language yourself quicker.

Includes built in review system.

In the notes section of each exercise you will find 4 review sentences. These sentences have you review words you have learnt in previous exercises. The sentences used to review will almost always be new sentences which you have never seen before. Seeing new vocabulary in multiple different contexts forces your brain to deeply process the vocabulary. The more your brain processes something the more likely you are to be able to easily recall it when needed.

Built in fluency building exercises.

To be able to easily use and understand a language you need to be very familiar with the vocabulary and phrases which are used the most. If you only focus on learning new vocabulary you run the risk of knowing lots of words but not being able to comprehend others well or speak well. Building fluency involves a high level of exposure to the language you are going to come in contact with the most. To ensure you build a high level of familiarity with the most used words we include 10 sentences using totally random sentences taken from the source material used to generate the course. These sentences only include words you have already learnt.

Learn from dialogues

We mentioned above that with every exercise you will be given 10 totally random sentences to read that only include words you have already learnt. Where possible 6 of these 10 sentences will form a multi sentence dialogue. This ensure you are not only exposed to isolated single sentences but also to rich multi sentence dialogues from a diverse range of subjects.

Learn one word at a time

Every exercise will only teach you one new word where possible. The exception to this is the first 20 exercises or so where you could learn 2 or 3 new words. This is needed because we did not want to include very short sentences with only one word in them as often the context is not clear with such short sentences. Learning one word at a time ensures you will never feel overwhelmed with learning. This makes it easy for students of any level or age to learn with ease.

Detailed definitions for each new word

Every exercise includes a detailed definition of the new word you are learning. This ensures you never need to waste time looking up words in dictionaries.

5 example sentences for each new word.
For every word you new word you learn you will be given 5 example sentences. This ensures you develop a deep understand of the meaning of the word right from the start.

A total of over 5000 words taught.

With a vocabulary of this size you will understand the majority of vocabulary used in most situations. To further your studies after finishing the course you should simply expose yourself to more of the language though books, stories, news to learn less frequent more specialized words which will be easy to pickup once you have such a deep understanding of the language.

All words learnt in context with translations

When you read words in a sentences you brain has to processes the sentence to determine its meaning. It is this processing which generally triggers your memory to store what it is processing.
You will see every word you learn in at least 9 different sentences.

Most names have been removed so that names are not counted as new words

We have done our best to ensure names are not included as new vocabulary. We have eliminated most names being presented as vocabulary but you will find them used in the example sentences.

Never see unfamiliar words.

All review, example and fluency building sentences will only including the word you are currently learning and previous words you have already learnt. This ensures you will never come across unknown words.

Every sentence has translations

Every sentences in every part of the exercise includes a translation so you can be sure you understand the proper meaning of the sentence.

Learning to read, tones basic grammer etc.

As real Thai only contains Thai and English without any transliterations you will learn to read Thai first. This will take you a couple of weeks if you study 2 to 3 hours a day. We will send you a course which makes learning to read very easy. This course also teaches you the tones and gives you an understanding of how Thai grammar works.

Limitations :

During the first 50 or so exercises there is sometimes not enough known vocabulary available to generate all of the usage, review sentences.

As the translations are taken from real content in some cases they may be incomplete or wrong. This is only in a small percentage of the sentences. To help overcome this, the main sentence in each exercise includes both the original translation from the source material plus a computer generated translation. We have also manually corrected the first few hundred exercises. As you are learning one word at a time you will generally not need to look at the translations often to determine the meaning of the Thai sentences as you will able to determine it yourself.